Aguero Family Argentinean Empanadas

by Morgan Lazo, Valencia Librarian

📷 Matías Repetto

Dough Ingredients:
• Pre-packaged empanada dough (to make your life easier!)

Filling Ingredients:
• 2 lbs of lean ground beef
• 1/2 cup of lard or shortening
• 1 bunch of green onions, finely chopped
• 1/2 cup chopped golden raisins
• 1/2 cup chopped green olives
• 3 hard-boiled eggs, chopped

Filling Recipe:
1. Heat lard or shortening until very hot in a deep skillet.
2. Brown onions, add beef and stir until it changes color, continue stirring until beef is browned, add paprika and broth or water until a thick mixture is obtained.
3. Blend well, bringing to a boil and cook no more than 5 minutes, season to taste with salt, pepper and cumin.
4. Remove from stove and allow to cool, then stir in raisins, olives and hard-boiled eggs.
5. Place one rounded tablespoon of filling in each dough circle, wet edges with water, and press edges with fingers to seal.
6. Empanadas can be fried or baked. If baking: 20 minutes at 450 f with an egg wash on top of the empanadas.

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